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Companies today are finding it extra challenging to provide valuable benefits for their employees while controlling costs. Many employers are raising deductibles in order to keep costs under control. Placing the burden on employees is not the solution.

When an employee is faced with a serious health event, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and uncovered expenses create debt and may lead to bankruptcy. Additional financial stress is compounded by missed or decreased paychecks, experimental treatments and bills from out-of-network providers when second opinions are needed. Some employees may even forgo treatment in order to avoid expense.

Voluntary benefits create a stopgap for medical bills by providing FIRST Dollar CASH BENEFITS when an employee is sick, hurt or experiences a life change such as maternity or death. Consider the following example:

Molly’s Story

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer strikes one out of two men and one out of three women. Molly Mabry, one of our advisors, was diagnosed with cancer after a routine mammogram when she was 43. Her out-of-pocket costs looked like this:

$3,000 annually for two years
Out-of-pocket Maximum:
$1,500 annually expense for two years
Out-of-network Provider:
Second opinion at the Mayo Clinic
Uncovered Medical Expense:
Anti-nausea pills
Missed Income:
Unpaid time off work
Travel expenses:
Hotel, gas, and meals
Total cost $21,050

Here is how a cancer policy would have paid her:

First Occurrence Benefit: $3,000
Diagnosis: Second opinion ($300), Mammogram ($100) and MRI ($100) $500
Surgery: Surgical procedures ($3,000), Anesthesia ($750) and Inpatient drugs ($135) $3,885
Chemotherapy: Treatment ($20,000) and Chemo Port installation ($900) $20,900
Hospitalization: 3 days in the hospital ($900) and Attending Physician ($180) $1,080
Cosmetic Recovery: Prostheses ($3,000), Wig ($150) and Reconstructive Surgery ($750) $3,900
Therapy: Physical Therapy ($150) and Cancer suppressive therapy ($5,000) $5,150
Total benefit $38,415
Total Monthly Cost  $25.05

It’s better benefits for employees at no additional cost for the employer.

In addition to added protection, voluntary benefits also promote wellness by offering a cash bonus for each year employees participate in a wellness test. Best of all, since premiums are pre-taxed, offering your employees voluntary benefits costs you nothing. It may even save you money through payroll taxes on the premium.

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