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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in the middle of November. As soon as they told me I had a mass in my chest, I immediately thought of the Allstate accident and critical illness insurance I had purchased only six months earlier. I read and reread the policy- sure enough, I could not find any reason why I wouldn't be eligible. I did not think it would exclude me, but I guess I expect insurance companies to either dismiss claims out of hand or try to find any way possible not to pay. I called Unified Employee Benefits and the consensus was that I would have no problems with the claim itself.

Filing the claim was surprisingly easy. Christel sent me the only form I had to fill out and told me exactly which medical records to fax in. As I stood at Kinko's faxing in the forms, I fully expected to have to go back; I was sure Allstate would say "Ok, now we need these other forms." That never happened. I faxed the forms to Unified Employee Benefits on Friday, and I received an automated call from Allstate the following Monday, telling me that they had received my claim.

A few days later I received a check for $20,000, just two weeks after my diagnosis. Keep in mind that I had only paid about $30 into this policy. I have good health insurance at work, but still expect to pay thousands out of my own pocket during the course of my treatment. Needless to say, this benefit has taken a huge load off of my mind. The whole process was painless - instead of feeling lost dealing with a huge insurance company, I had an advocate in Unified Employee Benefits. Christel remembered me after the first time we spoke on the phone and was there with me from the beginning of the claim until I had the check in my hand ... which was not very long! I am hugely grateful that I signed up for the critical illness insurance and very pleased with the whole claim process.

Pete Holland
Nashville, TN

I am 63 years old and love to play full-court basketball with high school and college players. Unfortunately, last year I took a shot in the ribs from one of the college players. I waited about a month before going to the doctor’s office, where they confirmed broken ribs and damaged floating ribs.

Several months later, my wife damaged her right hamstring but also delayed going to the doctor for more than a month. This resulted in 10 intense physical therapy sessions to get her back to health.

In both incidents, I forgot that I had accident coverage from work. By the time I realized my mistake, I was instructed to call UEB despite the fact that it had been several months since my accident. I was not very hopeful that claims could be covered, but how wrong I was!

My account manager at UEB helped me get the information needed, and she followed up quickly when I needed to meet additional requirements. Communication every few days led to a very pleasing and helpful end to the injuries we suffered.

We received benefits of $1,575 – $850 for my rib injuries and $725 for my wife’s hamstring injury. The best part is that we had checks in our hands less than 30 days after I first contacted UEB to start my claims. The money we received really helped in offsetting the out-of-pocket expenses left over after our regular insurance. Thank you for the energy you put into my claims. It is greatly appreciated!

Jim Hawthorne
Fort Wayne, IN

"We recently decided to partner with Unified Employee Benefits on administering and providing our employee voluntary benefits. They have really gone beyond our expectations on truly taking care of our employees. They have a genuine passion about what they do and have really become the trusted advisors for our employees. They go beyond the typical transaction-minded provider and truly care about relationships with our employees by educating and reaching out to any unique need or request. It is refreshing to know our employees are being taken care of with high competence and deep compassion in this sensitive area of benefits."

Austin B. Mackrill,
Chief Operating Officer,
EyeCare Specialties

"We have been extremely happy with our choice of insurance plans offered through Unified Employee Benefits. Molly Mabry and Erica White are knowledgeable and are available. They have assisted our employees in filing claims and sent useful reminders such as the annual preventative care reimbursement. The best reference I could give them is that the companies they represent pay when there is a claim and they work to see that this is done in a timely manner."

Anne Hall,
Senior Vice President,

"Thank you for your recent trip to our office. It is so helpful to us when you can come here and meet with staff individually. I know you answered all their questions expertly because nobody had follow-up questions to ask me! I really appreciate you going the extra mile for us to research a better insurance company with better options and better prices for our small group. It is so comforting to know that we have you "in our corner" not only when we have insurance claims, but overall. Everyone commented that it was really nice of you to find some better options for us and then take the time to come explain them."

Roberta Lehnert
Office Manager
Harre Orthodontics, LLC