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Our Approach

In a market where premiums and benefits costs are ever-increasing,

many employers are finding it challenging to provide a competitive benefits package that will attract and retain employees. In an attempt to contain costs, many employers are shifting the risk to employees in the form of increased deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. This cost shift is coming at a time when many folks are living paycheck to paycheck.

Why use our firm

  • Independent - We offer a multiple-carrier approach, not one-size-fits-all.
  • We refuse to outsource - we take ownership of EVERYTHING from enrollment to claims/service in-house. "The buck stops here!"
  • An informational approach - absolutely no scare tactics or overselling!
  • A complete picture - By taking the time to understand your current benefits, inside and out, we take a customized approach to filling gaps with no overlap of benefits.

The solution lies in a strong voluntary benefits program.

Traditionally, voluntary benefit products were sold at the kitchen table; that model no longer works. Consequently, there has been a significant decrease in the number of agents providing this vital protection. Industry research shows people still want these products - they simply prefer to secure them through their employer rather than direct sales. We can help. We offer products designed to fill gaps in coverage that are advantageous to both employees and the employer.

Advantages to the employer

  • Enhances benefit offering
  • Little or no cost
  • Pre-taxed premiums provide a savings of FICA match

Advantages to the employee

  • Fills gaps with first-dollar coverage
  • Paid directly to the employee
  • Steeply discounted group premiums
  • Portable coverage
  • Little or no underwriting for medical conditions
  • Products not available other than through an employer sponsored plan
  • Some products can be pre-taxed